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border under vehicle explosive check HZ-3300

Detailed description

border under vehicle explosive check HZ-3300


Product Description


For scanning the botton of the vehicle ,display the image on the monitor,with the camera etc

1,Anti terrorism,drugs,bombs weapons ,force protection and homeland security;

2,License plate & Vehicle Recogniction;

3,AT3300 is a range of Vehicle Inspection Systems that participate to damges detection,anomalies detection ;

4,System support color scanning images displayed .





1,Auto digital line scan, high-resolution undercarriage imaging
2,High automation, easy to be used
3,Applicable to variety of vehicles, wide vision
4,Test will be completed during the vehicle maneuvers no stopping, adapted to different speed

5,The UVSS is able to handle vehicles moving at speed ranging from 0-40km/hr

6,Undercarriage image can be stored, retrieved, searched or compared with other images
7,A variety of image processing methods: enlarge(Magnify current and past images 4x Zoom), stretching and cutting
8,Multi entrance management model, management, and statistics of entering and exiting vehicles
9,Flexible detection process can be made on site to satisfy the needs of various work conditions

10,Option of automatic number plate recognition system available, associative storage of various vehicle

information and undercarriage images

11,Image monitoring, video recording for different scenario
12,The system able to transfer the work record report to Microsoft excel sheet
13,Support networking and remote monitoring
14, System support multi language and color images displayed


Advantage of  UVSS

1,No need to park vehicle, can bear speed below 40km/h

2,Whole image display ion monitor, can zoom, playback, sign in the images
3,Operator can zoom and save image
4, Inductive loop sensor


Embedded Under Vehicle Imaging Equipment 

1,Camera: Sensor: line scans CCD, Resolution: 2048, Power Supply: 24VDC, 5A

Shutter speed:1/50 to 1/20000 or better
2,Illumination: LED, Power Supply: 24VDC, 150W
3,Size: 1200mm x 350mm
4,Operating Temperature Range: -20 °C to +60 °C
 5,Max Field of view :170degree ; Camera passed CE certificate
 6, Water-proof (IP68) Scanning Unit ,bear the weight of 40 tons



1, Input  2channels induction coil
2, Output 1 Channel Switch Type 24VDC
3,Communication Port RS485,ethernet(optional)
4,Operating Temperature –10°c to 60°c


PC Specs



1. CPU: Intel Centurion Duo or higher, Memory: 2G, Hard Disk: 500G

2. Display: 22” LCD, can choose a vice display to show the image independently 

3. Scene Video Record: 4 channel, Compression algorithm of scene video: H264


Cars Plate Reading System Software

Pickup Device 1/4 inch CCD image sensor
System of Singal PAL    ,Optical Zoom is 27x
Horizontal Resolition 600TV Line
Min Illumination 0.5 lux/fl.2      Digital zoom is 10x
Backlight Compensation /AGC /White Balance Auto  ,
Elecctronic Shutter 1/50-1/100000 sec,  S/NRatio:48db


Schematic Diagram










Packaging & Shipping 


Package weight:260kg
3 pcs packages size: