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Luxury tripod turnstile TS-1263

Detailed description

Technical characteristics:

Supply voltage 12±1.2 V DC

Consumed current, no more than 0.8 A

Number of passage directions 2

Throughput in the mode of a single pass 30 people / min

Throughput in the mode of free passage 60 people / min

Passage zone width 500 mm

Operating temperature range +1°C to +40°C

Enclosure degree IP IP57

Ethernet communication interface

Number of users up to 50,000

Number of log events up to 870,000

Number of readers 2

RFID card format

barrier arms

A set of anti-panic barrier arms, which, in case of emergency, allow you to quickly clear the passage without the use of special keys and tools

Under normal conditions, the anti-panic bars work as standard

A potential supplier in the application for participation in the tender must provide a copy of the letter (certificate, certificates) from the manufacturers or their official representatives (dealers or distributors) of the equipment proposed for delivery

- A potential supplier in the application for participation in the tender must attach an electronic copy of the letter from the manufacturer of the supplied equipment about the availability of authorized Service Centers in the Republic of Kazakhstan, indicating the name, address, contact details of the Service Center

Computer requirements:

4 cores

streams  4

Base frequency  2.00 GHz


 - Hard drive:SSD

- Hard disk: 120GB memory

 Monitor size 18 inches

Case form factor with the possibility of horizontal and vertical installation

multifunctional user accounting software for control and time tracking systems, reports, monitoring, and more

The software  is able to select the interface language: Kazakh/Russian