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handheld underground long range gold scanner HZ-924

Detailed description

handheld underground long range gold scanner HZ-924


Product description

Thanks for your choose this advanced HZ-924,this high performance unit harnesses the power of advanced technology provided with ground balance function to measure gound mineralization and adjust itself for optimum operation, addiction the metal type mode identify the detected subject in ferrous or non-ferrous metal,enhance the detection depth & acccuracy effectively,this unit is very easy to operate,in order to take full advantages & functions of metal detection.

this unit besides for military purpose, also including applications bellow:

Poice quick searching

Metal object detection on material,


Metal object detection on mail,baggage

Hunting buried pipe,cable

Relic & Mineral hunting

Cache treasure  & Mineral hunting



Metal scan &  Metal type model switchable

Metal & mineral detection

ferrous or non-ferrous metal discrimination

Auto calibration when turn on

Manual eliminate mineralization

Speaker indication

Headphone jack option

Low battery indication

LED back light option

Lead wire disconnection alarm







HZ-924 -8









Emission Frequency: 4.19MHZ

Signal Frequency:7.1kHZ

standard voltage:  7.4V

limited charge voltage:8.4V

Detection Mode:  Scan/Metal type

standby current :40MA

detecting distance:0-3M

Packing: 1pcs/box

work temperature: -10 °C -   50 °C

pack size: 510*210*400mm

N.W: 3.5KG, volume weight:4KG


 Packaging & shiping

Mainframe :1

Ground plate : 1

Extension rod :1

Charger     :1

Headset     :1

Lithium-ion Battery     :1

Screw     :1

display  : 1