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Body termperature scanner &disinfection channel TS-BS1000

Detailed description

technical parameters
4.1 Temperature measuring distance: 0.3-0.4 m
4.2 Temperature measurement range: 0°C~45°C
4.3 Minimum resolution: 0.1°C
4.4 Temperature measurement accuracy: ± 0.3 ° C (at room
4.5 Camera: binocular in vivo detection, 2 million wide dynamic
4.6 DISPLAY: 13-inch HD LCD with resolution of 1920*1080
4.7 Recognition types:
temperature detection and full body
4.8 External power supply: 110V-230V
4.9 Power consumption: 750W
4.10 Working environment: 0 ° C~45 ° C Indoor (without sunlightinterference)
4.11 Net weight: 400 kg
4. 12 overall dimension: 2000 (height) x1160 (width) x1800 (depth)mm
5. Equipment composition
5.1 ,Infrared temperature scanner
a. Built-in high-precision calibration non-contact infrared body
temperature scanner
b. Over-temperature alarm
5.2 Liquid soap dispenser
a. Infrared induction
b. Power supply by battery
c. Non-contact drip mode
5.3 Atomization room
a. with the crystal curtain at two side
b. Large capacity liquid atomizer sterilizer