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portable under vehicle security control scanning system with screen V4D

Detailed description

portable under vehicle security control with screen V4D


Product Description 

HZ-V4D Handheld Telescopic Pole camera 1080P 7 inch lcd monitor with hdmi output UVIS/ dual HD camera insepction camera is the helper for bureau of customs,public security bureau to checking in-and-out cars,trucks and other bus safety




1.High definition flexible hose camera, suitable for different angles and special occasions

2.Equipped with 7 inch LCD screen display multimedia storage image playback, showed more clear

3.With infrared light supplement can be used for the dark place or use at night

4.Portable-type pipe with a single-hand operation to change the height

5.Double HD telescopic pole camera for checking.
1st camera:5.0MP 16 LED camera with universal wheel and 2m telescopic pole. 
2nd camera:5.0 MP 6 LED camera Φ18mm with 2.5m flexible telescopic pole.
6.Universal wheel with wear-resisting tires.
7.Reinforced design passed 10000 times crash testing.
8.7 inch monitor with sunshade.
9.Support 64GB storage.
10.Support HDMI video output.
11.Support H.264 Video Compression Format.
12.5000mah li-battery, 8 hours working time.
13.Over 2m Telescopic Survey Pole for all-purpose usage.
14.Top grade plastic equipment case
15.Excellent video and photo as iphone .





V4D 1

V4D 2



Schematic Diagram

UVIS  (5)




Packaging & Shipping

1* DVR; (7INCH) 
1* Snake camera 
1* Wheel camera 
1* HDMI cable
1* AC adapter
1* User manual
1* Aluminum allay case


Shipment Size: 17*34*66cm
Weight: 8.0KG(G.W.) 6.8KG(N.W.)

UVIS  (16)