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portable LED light under vehicle explosive check mirror HZ-999

Detailed description

portable LED light under vehicle explosive  check HZ-999



Product Description


 Under car search mirror HZ-999 is made of non-friable acrylic instead of ordinary glass platedmercury. The mirror tray is made of the special materials, which are not easy to aging and broken, and very durable. Products are equipped with adjustable hand-held rod. The range of rod length is from 46cm to 135cm. The unique folding design brings about space-saving and portability.




Aluminum handles lengh can be adjusted

Available in 31cm round convex mirror

Has a heavy-duty extruded rubber rim to help prevent damaging objects when maneuvering

Available with tripod ball bearing caster wheels, allowing full range of motion with

effortless maneuvering

Lightweight with adjustable handle

ground clearance

For indoor or outdoor usage

The bag packaging product easy to carry, and convenient assembly


Schematic Diagram





Packaging & Shipping


 1 * Convex


1 * flash ligh


3 * small tube


1 * group of wheel